UPS Properties Help

The UPS Properties page is the default page and displays the basic status of the UPS.

At the top of the page, the UPS is identified: image, name, and location.

The symbol that displays above the UPS image indicates the UPS status. Click the symbol to go to the UPS Alarm page.
 Red - Alarm present
 Green - No active alarm

Electric diagram of the UPS displays the main parts of the UPS and shows the electrical flow that powers the load.

Note: the electric diagram is not available for a line-interactive UPS.

The second segment of the page refreshes every 10 seconds and displays information determined by your selection in the combo box:

UPS Status selects the main status of the UPS:

Active sources shows the current use of a modular UPS, the notation x UPS + y UPS is meaning : x is the number of modules necessary to power the load, y is the number of redundant modules.

Power source shows where the power originates.

Output load level displays the load level.

Output displays the status and the average consumption on the last hour (only available with UPS Eaton 5PX) of all UPS outputs.

UPS Modules selects the status of the modules of the UPS, available only for modular UPS:

Each module of the UPS has static informations as the serial number, or dynamic information as the global status shown with an alarm icon and also its percent load and battery level.

UPS Alarms displays all the active alarms present on the UPS.

Power Usage displays information related to UPS consumption (in Wh or kWh). For each parameter, the user is allowed to reset the timestamp:

Average Power Usage displays the average of power usage in Wh. If available, this information is provided for each output and also summed over all outputs.

Cumulative power usage displays the cumulative power usage in kWh, since the last reset. If available, this information is provided for each output and also summed over all outputs. The user is allowed to reset the timestamp

About your UPS displays all the static informations identifying the UPS and the NMC card.