Email Notification Help

Email notification offers the possibility for the user to re-direct UPS alarms towards an e-mail system or mobil phones.

On the right side of the page, the events which can be notified, appear.
By default, only basic events appear. All events are shown when clicking on the button Show/Hide events.
Two events are selected by defaut for notification. At any moment, the default selection can be setted with the button Set default.

On the left side of the page, up to four Mail recipients can be configured to receive mails from the card. Each mail recipient has its own events set, which can be selected on the right side.

The parameters for each recipient are :
Recipient is the email address of the person or service you wish the card to send a mail to.
Default value is

E-notify: this parameter enables communications to the Eaton eNotify Monitoring and Diagnostics Service. NOTE: Available only for clients with a valid eNotify Service Contract.

Attached files on Event : Selected log files (Measurements, Event log, system log or environment log) will be attached to the mail sent.

Periodic report: the card can send a mail, containing all attached files, to the recipient every x days at x hour .

Enter the day of next report to select the date of the first report. After receiving this one, the day of next report will display the remaining time before the next report.

The first time this function is used, also enter the day of next report in the month you want to begin to send the periodic report.
Also Next happen day can be used after to check the next day the periodic report will be sent.

Test is a manual way to immediately send a mail to the mail recipient. It's for checking the email transmission, notably access to the SMTP server fails. A message will be logged into the system log in both cases : success or failure. The event message part in the subject and into the message of the mail is replaced with a test message.

Email Message Settings: Personalize the email content and objet.

The Save button allows to save the modified settings for the selected recipient.