Notified Applications Help
This table shows all the applications which can be notified by the card.
Every kind of applications can be notified :
- SNMP applications as Network Management System.
- EATON applications as Network shutdown Module (NSM), Enterprise Power Manager (EPM), Intelligent Power Protection (IPP) or Intelligent Power Manager (IPM).

Applications in the table appear in the order they have subscribed to the card. Following informations are displayed :

Nr : is the index where the application is stored into the table.

Hostname or IP Address : By priority the hostname of the computer is displayed when the IP address can be converted into a hostname with a DNS server or if the application has been entered as a hostname (see page Network Management System settings). Otherwise the IP address is displayed.

Application Name : sent by the application at subscribe time or manually entered.

Output : is the name of the output from which the client is powered.

Configuration : shows where the parameters of Network Shutdown Module comes from : Local (coming from the application) or Centralized (coming from the card).
The Central shutdown Configurationis available by clicking on Configuration link.

Shutdown Duration : is the shutdown Duration necessary to properly shutdown the computer.

Shutdown after is the time available to the user from the power failure until the launch of the shutoff sequence of the UPS. This parameter is optionnal.

Many actions are available on this page :

Remove : Depending on the kind of application, the selected ones will definitively disappear from the table as SNMP applications, or they will disappear and automatically re-subscribe as the Network shutdown Module application.

Utility failure Test : Two alarms 'Utility failure' and 'Utility restored' spaced of 30 seconds will be sent to the applications selected, making sure that the applications can be reached over the network.

Shutdown Test : This test simulates a UPS on battery operation, it sends alarms to the selected applications. It enables an easy check to see if the server protection works correctly.
- No intervention on the UPS is required.
- Simulated alarms will be processed by the applications selected only.
Warning :
- This test will generate a REAL shutdown sequence of servers on which Network shutdown Module is running.

Add NMS allows to add a SNMP trap receiver as a Network Management System.
Modify NMS allows to modify a SNMP trap receiver.
Both buttons makes appear a new window where it is possible to enter the Application name, the Hostname or IP Address, the Trap community and the Mib filter.