Access Control Help

Security : Displaying this page is not provided until Login/password authentication has not already been done.

Enter New Password and Confirm New Password allows administrator to specify a new password.

Security mode : by default all the settings HTML pages are authenticated. It is possible to select Authentication for all HTML pages, it means Login/password Authentication is required for all pages.
It is also possible to activate the SSL communication mode. When it is selected, access to Web interface is made in secure mode (HTTPS) and authentication is required for all pages.

Telnet Access enabled :Allows the access to the setting parameters interface via a Telnet/SSH/CLI connection.

SSH Security enabled :Defines the protocol for the access to the setting parameters interface. If security is disabled, the data are read or written via an unsecure access. If security is enabled, the data are read or written via a secure access SSH.

Console Interface :This parameter defines the way to access the setting parameters. The 2 values are mutually exclusive. The selected HMI (Human Machine Interface) is available for the TCP/IP connection (RS232 not concerned) and for the 2 protocols (Telnet, SSH). The new value will be taken into account after a manual reset of the NMC.
MENU :The HMI is a menu interface and the parameters are accessible via some pre-defined menus.
CLI : The access to the parameters is done independently of each other using the command line interface.

The Save button allows to save the modified settings.